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Fall is here, and we love watching the Halloween decorations going up all over, especially online as people start posting spooktacular pics. Heck, check out our LEGIS Facebook page and see how we get in the spirit with our special home page! The air is crisp, pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, and the show rings are buzzing with year-end championships and medal finals. It’s an exciting time!

Team Tidbits

The LEGIS Team is committed to being the most educated agents out there so we can provide the very best service to our clients. We are very excited for Sarah and Marnye, who received their Certified Insurance Counselor pins! It was a lot of studying and hard work, but it was worth it.

The LEGIS Team members are having fun getting out to meet people and share in the joys of year-end successes. Courtney went to Copper Meadows to present the LEGIS Optimum Time Series awards, and the entire Team was at Gold Coast October helping present series championships to winning riders.

Claire and Sarah and went to Dallas last month for the MarketScout eInsurance Symposium, where they got to meet agents, underwriters, agency owners and listen to some of the top leaders in insurance talk about assessing future risks, technology and insurance, millennials and insurance, and more. It was quite interesting and educational.

On a personal note, Claire recently celebrated her father’s 60th birthday with her family in Redondo Beach, and Sarah and Craig Rajoy celebrated their one-anniversary on Oct 12. Salud!


LEGIS and Sponsor Free Trip for IHSA Coach Tiffany Day

When Tiffany Day came to Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) Nationals, she never imagined she’d win a free trip. “I entered the raffle on a whim and I was very surprised to win it,” Tiffany commented. “I totally didn’t expect it!” The trip, sponsored by LEGIS and, was offered this year for the first time to coaches of the college teams attending IHSA Nationals. “It was great to have a raffle just for the coaches,” Tiffany said. “I have been coaching IHSA teams for the past 20 years and it was a wonderful opportunity. I wholeheartedly encourage other coaches to put their ticket in the box next year!”


Tiffany is the Western equestrian team coach and Associate Professor in Equine Science at Morrisville State College in New York. “Though we currently live in New York, we are not originally from the area so we wanted to travel somewhere on the East Coast,” Tiffany explained. “We decided to go to Williamsburg, Virginia. We thought it would be fun and educational for our children to see historical Williamsburg and Jamestown.”


The family trip was a huge success, and Tiffany was thrilled with the sights and accommodations. “We went to Jamestown and saw the replica ships, the initial settlement, and the museum. The next day we went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Our daughter, who is finally tall enough to ride the big roller coasters, made it her mission to ride every one! On our last day, we went to Historic Williamsburg and saw the Revolutionary City,” Tiffany recounted. “Besides being tourists, we also made great use of the wonderful amenities at the Marriot Resort at Ford’s Colony. They were like a home away from home with a full kitchen, living room, dining room, and barbecue.”


Congratulations to Tiffany on her well-deserved vacation. LEGIS is proud to sponsor incentives that reward trainers and riders for their hard work across the sport.


Gold Coast Series, Presented by

Year-end champions and reserve champions in the Gold Coast Series, sponsored by, received beautiful awards at the end of the series during Gold Coast October. Lots of people visited us at our LEGIS tent and we took lots of photos. We just might post your photo on the LEGIS Facebook page.


LEGIS Rider Bonuses

The LEGIS Rider Bonuses mean an extra bonus check at the end of the year for riders who win two or more qualifying classes at select shows. In Los Angeles, Emily Leann Hartley, Michael Leon, and Jamie Sailor are all hoping for a bonus check at the end of the year, each having won a USHJA National Hunter Derby at one of LEG’s 2015 shows. Deni Hird added her name to the list with her win at Gold Coast October. With just one show left, there is a good chance that one of these riders will win a “leg” of a LEGIS Hunter Derby Rider Bonus during the LA Season Finale. Updated standings can be found on the LEG website.

Arizona riders also have two more chances at some bonus money. Collman Equestrian Productions offers the $1,500 LEGIS Hunter Rider Bonus. There are two more shows in the season, and Gretchen Lof and Ariel Black will try to win bonus money amid a number of challengers.

LEGIS loves rewarding hard working professionals, and we are ready with bonus checks!


What is a Pre-Purchase Examination?

At, we are committed to providing education to horse owners to help them keep their horses happy and healthy for a lifetime. In this light, we teamed up with Doug Novick, DVM, to bring you this article.

For most people, the horse ownership journey starts with a pre-purchase exam, but are we all clear on what exactly this entails? In this first installment of our series of articles from Dr. Novick, he shares some important information you should know about what to expect.

A pre-purchase exam is a complete physical and lameness evaluation performed by a veterinarian for a potential buyer of a horse. The purpose is to determine what, if any, health or lameness problems the horse has today and what problems it may develop in the future. People often say that a horse either passed or failed a pre-purchase examination, but this is not an accurate statement. The pre-purchase exam is not a pass/fail situation. With rare exceptions, I have found some problem worth discussing with the potential buyer in every pre-purchase exam I have performed.

Rather than looking at this as a pass/fail, at the end of the exam, the potential buyer must determine whether or not they can live with the problems found. If they can live with the problems, they buy the horse. The veterinarian will often provide a letter describing the results of his exam after it is completed.

The exam is divided into three parts: the physical exam, the lameness exam, and additional tests including x-rays and blood and drug tests. The first two parts take about an hour to perform. During the physical exam the doctor listens to the heart, lungs and intestines, takes the temperature of the horse, checks the eyes and teeth, and will usually give you an estimate of the horse's age. If the horse was raced and is tattooed under the upper lip, it is much easier to determine his age.

The balance of the time is spent on the lameness exam. The veterinarian palpates the horse over his entire body, looking for pain, heat, or swelling. He palpates the back along the spine and muscles to detect any back pain. Each leg is palpated top to bottom. Each joint in each leg is evaluated for increased joint fluid or pain on flexion. The tendons and ligaments in each leg are evaluated for pain on palpation.

Each hoof is also examined. The doctor will pick the feet out and apply a hoof tester to the sole of each. A hoof tester looks like a big pair of pliers. It allows the veterinarian to apply point pressure to specific areas along the sole of the hoof. If the horse has a sore spot in the sole of the hoof, he will try to pull away when pressure is applied.

Once the hooves have been inspected, the doctor performs flexion tests on each leg. Flexion tests involve flexing a joint for a period of time. Then the horse is trotted off. If the horse limps in the first few strides, that is considered an indication of soreness in that area. Veterinarians perform individual flexion tests on the knee and fetlock joints in the front legs, while they typically only test the hocks in the hind legs. This is because the hind legs in horses are built in such a way that if you flex one joint, all the joints are flexed so is difficult to evaluate individual joints.

Following the flexion tests, the horse is usually either tacked up and ridden or put on a lunge line. Then the horse is asked to trot and canter in both directions. Again, the doctor is looking for signs of lameness.

The third part of pre-purchase involves any blood tests and x-rays which may be helpful in discovering sources of illness or lameness. In the majority of pre-purchase exams, the front hooves are x-rayed. This is to determine if there are any changes in the navicular bone. The doctor is looking for changes that might be typical of navicular disease or if there are any indications of ring bone or problems in the coffin bone. If during the lameness exam another area shows abnormality, that area will also be x-rayed. The other most common area to x-ray is the hocks. Many performance horses develop arthritis in the hocks. While such arthritis does not mean the end of the horse's athletic career, its presence, called bone spavin, is an important factor when making a buying decision.

The potential buyer may also elect to have blood tests run on the horse. Two of the simplest tests to run are a complete blood count, which checks for anemia and infections, and a chemistry profile, which checks for indications of liver, kidney, or muscle disease.

The veterinarian may also run a drug screen. This tests for many of the drugs used to mask symptoms of lameness or to sedate. These drugs present a picture of a calm, sound horse in order to fool a potential buyer. The drug screen at present is somewhat cumbersome because the results are often not available for several days and don't show every type of drug available.

The pre-purchase exam is an enlightening and valuable tool, but it's important to remember that this is a piece of the decision-making process and not a pass/fail situation.

Dr. Douglas Novick is an equine veterinarian serving the Silicon Valley area of California. He focuses on treating Western and English performance horses, including hunter/jumper, dressage, endurance, reining, roping and pleasure horses. Dr. Novick is pleased to team up with to bring readers informative articles about many facets of horse care and enjoying their horses in general.

See more of Dr. Novick’s articles and videos at or contact him at 800-998-4650. To learn more about or to obtain a quote, visit the website or call 866-844-2331



LEGIS League

The LEGIS League is growing and you don’t want to miss out!

The LEGIS League is an awards program for junior and amateur riders competing at a variety of levels in hunters, jumpers, and equitation. Riders compete in classes falling within the specifications of the LEGIS League categories to earn points toward various LEGIS League Finals strategically located in the west. This year there are two LEGIS League Finals. One is in Arizona for those members in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and surrounding areas, hosted by Collman Equestrian Productions at the Arizona Fall Classic (Oct 23-25). LEGIS Team member Claire Johnson will be on hand to present awards and meet competitors.

The LA Finale (Nov. 12-15) is hosting the other LEGIS League Finals, and the LEGIS Team will be on hand.

LEGIS League riders will get the experience and excitement of qualifying for and competing in LEGIS League Finals, and winning great prizes.

For more information, visit the LEGIS League website

LEGIS Optimum Time Awards

Optimize your time and optimize your coverage with This year we added series awards to our offerings and presented them at the recent event at Copper Meadows. Thank you to the event organizers who offered this growing program: Camelot, Coconino, Copper Meadows, and Shepherd Ranch. We’re looking forward to watching this program continue to grow in the coming years!

Click here to find out more about this terrific program for eventing riders.




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