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After a delightful summer with long days allowing lots of time to spend horsing around, fall is creeping in. Here at LEGIS, we welcome the change of season because each season brings with it things to look forward to.


Team Tidbits

Although horse shows have slowed down a little for the height-of-summer heat, we have been busy in the office talking to clients, writing policies, answering questions, and of course talking about horses! We are horsemen, after all, and we love to share our horsey lifestyle with our clients.

Amanda, our Horse Specialist, showed in the Amateur Owner Jumpers at Showpark with Picardo. Courtney, our Farm, Ranch & Liability Specialist, enjoys teaching once a week at Millcreek. Claire had to say “good-bye” to her beloved childhood horse, but she is falling in love with Atticus, a horse she is leasing. Marnye is having fun getting to know her new jumper, LEGIS Adele. Sarah, our Operations Manager, is doing well with her pregnancy and she can begin to feel the baby move and kick! Evan, our Office Assistant, is heading back to classes and is playing in his college’s marching band.


Gold Coast Series, Presented by

Year-end champions and reserve champions in the Gold Coast Series, sponsored by, receive beautiful awards at the end of the year. Be sure to come to all of the shows in the series to maximize your points, and maybe you’ll win an award at the end of the year. To see where you stand, visit the page for any Gold Coast show and click on Gold Coast Series Standings.

Some of our leaders so far include Jamie Skaggs and Capitano (Swede Equine LLC, owner) in the Adult Amateur Jumpers, Kaitlyn Lovingfoss and her Fine Design in the Children’s Hunters, 14 & Under, and Marina Boudreau in the Pony Equitation. Gold Coast October, the final show of the series, is about a month away. The LEGIS Team is looking forward to handing out the awards to all the series winners. Be sure to visit the LEGIS Facebook page for fun pictures.


LEGIS Rider Bonuses

The LEGIS Rider Bonuses mean an extra bonus check at the end of the year for riders who win two or more qualifying classes at select shows. In Los Angeles, Emily Leann Hartley, Michael Leon, and Jamie Sailor are all hoping for a bonus check at the end of the year, each having won a USHJA National Hunter Derby at one of LEG’s 2015 shows. With two shows left, there is a good chance that one of these riders will win a “leg” of a LEGIS Hunter Derby Rider Bonus.

In Northern California, Hugh “Bert” Mutch and Cold Smoke have already earned themselves a $500 check, and they still have a chance to increase that amount if they win at the Nor Cal Medal Finals Horse Show (Oct 7-11). Updated standings can be found on the LEG website.

Arizona riders also have two more chances at some bonus money. Collman Equestrian Productions offers the $1,500 LEGIS Hunter Rider Bonus. There are two more shows in the season, and Gretchen Lof and Ariel Black will try to win bonus money amid a number of challengers.

LEGIS loves rewarding hard working professionals, and we are ready with bonus checks!


Insurance Buzz: Leasing Your Horse: Some of the Ins and Outs

Owners decide to lease their horse for a variety of reasons. Sometimes an owner needs to reduce horse expenses, and other times an owner doesn’t wish to sell a horse, but wants to work with another one and doesn’t have the time or resources to keep two horses. Perhaps while a junior rider studies abroad, the parents lease the horse while their child is gone. And there are a host of other reasons people will lease their horse. If you are considering leasing your horse to someone else, there are many things you need to consider, including the insurance implications.

Many insurance carriers recognize a lease as a commercial activity, even if no money changes hands. An Individual Horse Owner’s Liability Policy can provide protection to an owner when their horse is leased. Many people are under the assumption that a Homeowner’s Policy will provide insurance protection for their horse activities. This is not necessarily a safe assumption. Check with the agent who manages your policy and have them show you in writing where your horse activities are covered.

We strongly encourage having a lease agreement, even if the lease is with a friend and for your horse’s expenses. A lease spells out who is responsible for what and helps prevent bad feelings should something unexpected happens. If you have questions about an Individual Horse Owner’s policy, contact one of the Team members to discuss your options. We will help you achieve your goals, while providing you with excellent insurance protection.


LEGIS League

The LEGIS League is growing and you don’t want to miss out!

The LEGIS League is an awards program for junior and amateur riders competing at a variety of levels in hunters, jumpers, and equitation. Riders compete in classes falling within the specifications of the LEGIS League categories to earn points toward various LEGIS League Finals strategically located in the west. This year there are two LEGIS League Finals. One is in Arizona for those members in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and surrounding areas, hosted by Collman Equestrian Productions at the Arizona Fall Classic (Oct 23-25). LEGIS Team member Claire Johnson will be on hand to present awards and meet competitors.

The LA Finale (Nov. 12-15) is hosting the other LEGIS League Finals, and the LEGIS Team will be on hand.

LEGIS League riders will get the experience and excitement of qualifying for and competing in LEGIS League Finals, and winning great prizes.

For more information, visit the LEGIS League website


LEGIS Optimum Time Awards

Optimize your time and optimize your coverage with This year we added series awards to our offerings and presented them at the recent event at Copper Meadows. Stay tuned for our special story about the six series winners. Thank you to the event organizers who offered this growing program: Camelot, Coconino, Copper Meadows, and Shepherd Ranch.

Click here to read about some of the winners over the past month and stay tuned for our special story about the series winners.

Click here to find out more about this terrific program for eventing riders.



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