Eventers Ride for Time at Coconino Horse Trials

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The LEGIS Optimum Time Awards were featured at Coconino Summer I & II Horse Trials (July 11-12/July 16-18) in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. The award falls in line with LEGISequine’s commitment to safety, giving event riders the opportunity to win an award for riding their cross country course at the optimum pace. Check out the current series standings for the LEGIS Optimum Time Awards. Here are some fun stories and memories from the winners at both horse shows.

Savanna Halman on Triple Play

Training – Coconino Summer I

Savanna and her ten-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Triple Play, finished their weekend in fourth for their division and first for optimum time; coming in just one second under the optimum time of 5:46. “While I was on course, the rider in front of me was having trouble so I had to circle before the water,” Savanna recalled. “But I guess that was a good thing because that circle won me the award!” She and Triple Play had no problems, navigating the course with ease. “I had an awesome cross country round as always! My horse is so brave on the cross country course and always takes great care of me.”

Demirae Gardenhire on Happy Meal

Novice – Coconino Summer I

The time was right for Demirae and Happy Meal as the pair crossed the finish line exactly at the optimum time of 5:10. “We always aim for the optimum time so we were thrilled to win it! My horse is such a trooper, constantly speeding up and slowing down on the cross country course,” Demirae shared. In addition to the thrill of winning, Demirae also loves riding and competing with her friends. “I love supporting the people I learn to ride with. It’s wonderful to watch them get better and better every time we compete together.”

Rachael Haas on Born Leader

Novice – Coconino Summer II

After two years together, Rachel felt she and Born Leader AKA Teller finally clicked on the cross country field. “Teller and I had our best cross country ride together. He listened to every cue I gave him, which he honestly doesn’t do that often,” Rachel admitted with a laugh. Rachel has done most of Teller’s eventing training, so the sucess was especially rewarding. The pair finished on their dressage score of 32.5 and took home first place for optimum time. “I had never heard of the Optimum Time Award, but I really like that this show offered it.”

Ashlyn Durelle on Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Beginner Novice – Coconino Summer I

Veteran 19-year-old Cinnamon Toast Crunch showed his skill on the cross country course as he and Ashlyn came in just one second under the optimum time of 5:27. “I never set out to win the time, so that was a nice surprise,” Ashlyn commented. “I like that the show offered this award and we had a great cross country course so it was a great show experience for us.”

Makenna Randle on Biscuit

Beginner Novice – Coconino Summer II

Although he is just five years old, Biscuit (Taren Atkinson, owner) took on cross country like he was born to it. “He jumped around the course like he’s been doing this his whole life,” Makenna said. “He’s a cool pony and I’m having a blast teaching him the ropes!” The pair have only been together about four months, but impressively came in right on the optimum time of 5:17. “Our cross country ride was great,” Makenna shared. “As long as I’m confident about what I want him to do, he will pretty much do anything I ask of him.”

Anthony Luna on CCC Dual Smoke

Pre-Comp – Coconino Summer II

Improvement was the name of the game for Anthony and his CCC Dual Smoke. “The first time we rode cross country, we came in two whole minutes early,” Anthony recalled. “I was so glad that we improved from our last ride! It was especially neat to win the optimum time award.” It was only the pair’s second cross country event together and Anthony was very happy with their performance. “My horse and I had a very clean ride and it was amazing,” Anthony noted. “I thought the course was set up well and we both had a wonderful time.”

The LEGIS Optimum Time Award will be at more shows this year in addition to Coconino, such as Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez, California and Copper Meadows in Ramona, California, where the series awards will be presented. With the growing momentum of the award, riders will enjoy new year-end series awards for LEGIS Optimum Time, featuring coolers and ribbons.

To learn more about LEGIS or obtain a quote for coverage of your horse, business, or event, visit on the web or call 866-780-3713.

Anthony Luna on CCC Dual Smoke - Pre-Comp
  Ashlyn Durelle on Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Jr. Beginner Novice



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