LEGIS Optimum Time Awards Promote Safety and Fun at Copper Meadows


The LEGIS Optimum Time Awards made their second appearance of the 2015 show season at the Copper Meadows Horse Trials in Ramona, California. The award falls in line with’s commitment to safety, giving event riders the opportunity to win an award for riding their cross country course at the optimum pace. Exhibitors at Copper Meadows enjoyed a lovely facility, a wide range of obstacles, and a new course design among giant boulders. Here are a few of the winners of the LEGIS Optimum Time awards.

Jennifer Hawthorne and 2nd Star Pan

Senior Novice Rider

Jennifer and the eight-year-old Thoroughbred 2nd Star Pan came in exactly on the optimum time of 4:28.  “I like how the award encourages people to ride appropriately at each level,” Jennifer commented. “I also like how it teaches riders to ride their watch and learn each horse’s pace.”

Jory McKaig and Demanding Day

Senior Training Rider A

Jory and her eight-year-old thoroughbred Demanding Day finished twelve seconds under the optimum time of 4:52, earning them the blue ribbon.

Juliet McGee and James Bond

Junior Novice Rider

Juliet came in eight seconds under the optimum time of 4:28. “My cross country ride was probably one of the most solid rides I've had on my horse,” Juliet recalled. “We used to struggle a lot with cross country but have learned to work as a team which I really felt out on our course.”

Steven Schachter and Dowdstown Guidam

Senior Training Rider B

Steven and his Irish Sport Horse gelding, Dowdstown Guidam, finished their ride with just three seconds to spare, securing them the win.

Klarissa Dean and Flying For The Gold

Junior Beginner Novice

Klarissa came in easily under the optimum time of 4:43 during her cross country ride. “I think this award is very meaningful and important,” she commented. “It lets people know that being the fastest is not the same as being the best. It’s more about the safe ride and getting it done in the most correct and safest way.”

Auburn Excell Brady and River Styx


Auburn and the five-year-old gelding River Styx earned the blue for the LEGIS Optimum Time award, coming in nicely under the time of 3:23. “This was the debut event for River Styx,” she said. “I had only taken him cross country schooling one time before the show. I think it's wonderful to be awarded for being the closest optimum time. As we know, sometimes it can make the difference between winning and second place. It's an incentive to try and ride as accurately as possible.”

Now that the show season is well under way, several riders are vying for the chance to win coolers and ribbons in the LEGIS Optimum Time series awards to be given out at year-end. For a complete list of standings, visit

The LEGIS Optimum Time Award will be at more shows this year in addition to Copper Meadows, such as the Coconino Horse Trials in Flagstaff, Arizona, Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Camelot Equestrian Park in Oroville, and Woodland Stallion Station in Woodland.

To learn more about LEGIS or obtain a quote for coverage of your horse, business, or event, visit on the web or call 866-780-3713.


Jory McKaig and Demanding Day
Captured Moment Photography
  Juliet McGee and James Bond
Captured Moment Photography



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