05/05/2017LEGIS May 2017 NewsLEGIS
03/31/2017LEGIS March 2017 NewsLEGIS
10/26/2015October 2015 LEGIS E-NewsLEGIS
10/26/2015October 2015 LEGIS E-NewsLEGIS
09/22/2015LEGIS League September 2015 E-NewsLEGIS
09/14/2015September 2015 LEGIS E-NewsLEGIS
08/20/2015LEGIS League August 2015 E-NewsLEGIS
08/13/2015Eventers Ride for Time at Coconino Horse TrialsLEGIS
07/12/2015LEGIS League July 2015 E-NewsLEGIS
07/01/2015June 2015 LEGIS E-NewsLEGIS
06/28/2015LEGIS League June 2015 E-NewsLEGIS
06/16/2015LEGIS Optimum Time Awards Promote Safety and Fun at Copper MeadowsLEGIS
05/24/2015LEGIS May 2015 E-NewsLEGIS
05/21/2015LEGIS League May 2015 E-NewsLEGIS
11/03/2014A Fun New Show Series Kicks off With the Pacific Indoor Eventing LEGIS
09/01/2014Seconds Count at Shepherd RanchLEGIS
08/14/2014Riders Check the Clock at Coconino July Horse TrialsLEGIS
06/17/2014Experience Pays Off at Copper Meadows Horse TrialsLEGIS
06/02/2014Safety Wins at Coconino Horse TrialsLEGIS
05/29/2014May E-NewsLEGIS
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