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Becky Abeita and Rainie Rose Clinch Verdugo Hills Trainer Incentive Trips


Congratulations to the first place trainer, Becky Abeita of Elvenstar and to the second place trainer, Rainie Rose of Rose Hill Farm. Becky and Rainie will be rejuvenating from a long show season with a relaxing vacation courtesy of Langer Equestrian Group and Verdugo Hills Horse Shows.
Over the past 16 years, LEG Horse Shows has sent trainers on more than 65 trips and LEG is excited to continue its program of rewarding hardworking trainers with well-deserved vacations and incentives.
"When we started these awards, both Larry and I understood how hard professionals work and we wanted to do something for trainers they weren’t likely to do for themselves, like take a special vacation," said Marnye Langer, LEG Managing Director.

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