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July 7, 2015


Ashley Taylor leads the standings for the LEGIS Children\'s Medal as of July 5, 2015.
LEG Up News file photo

Welcome to this month’s edition of the LEGIS League E-News. There are still lots of shows in the season to get in on the fun, so if you haven’t already joined, be sure to do so!

What is the LEGIS League?

The LEGIS League is an awards program for junior and amateur riders competing at a variety of levels in hunters, jumpers, and equitation. Riders compete in classes falling within the specifications of the LEGIS League categories to earn points toward various LEGIS League Finals strategically located in the west.

LEGIS League riders will get the experience and excitement of qualifying for and competing in LEGIS League Finals and winning great prizes.

Riders join the LEGIS League and horses they ride are automatically tracked for points. Click here for a membership form.

Upcoming LEGIS League Member Events
Showpark Summer Festival July 15-19
Gold Coast July July 17-19
Showpark Racing Festival July 22-26
Showpark August Festival July 29-Aug 2
Verdugo Hills August Aug 14 - 16

For the complete schedule of 2015 LEGIS League member shows, click here.

Regional Finals

Regional LEGIS League Finals will be held during the LA Season Finale Horse Show and the Arizona Fall Classic. We are working to also hold a Northern California Final. To qualify for the Finals, members must have earned at least one point in the category they wish to compete in.  Remember, LEGIS League is about more than medal finals. Riders can qualify for ten different hunter and jumper categories in addition to the five LEGIS League medals.

Make plans now to attend, and you could win one of our fabulous championship prizes! 

Visit the LEGIS League website for more information.


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