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November 11, 2014


Lisa Takada and Tiaras Rose take a trip around the PIE course
Cassidy Wallace

The Pacific Indoor Eventing (PIE) series kicked off its inaugural event with a bang. Riders of all levels joined in on the fun at Sycamore Trails (Oct 11) in San Juan Capistrano. PIE plans to host several indoor eventing competitions throughout the year, interspersed with the traditional eventing schedule. “We want to supplement the three day competitions and also create enthusiasm and invite riders from other disciplines to try something new,” explained Auburn Brady, organizer of the event. “I think the show exceeded our expectations and went amazingly well. A pleasant surprise was that the turnout was more than we had expected.” Auburn initially came up with this idea because she was planning a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization called Training Racehorses off the Track (TROTT). “I had heard of the concept before and seen videos from Europe and Canada. I also had ridden in the Foxfield Jumping Derby for the first time last year. It is a similar concept, but you jump a course of show jumps in the arena and then jump out of the arena over a variety of cross-country fences. I enjoyed the experience so much I thought it would be a similar concept and entertaining venue to raise money.” She approached James Atkinson, course designer, about the idea and he was on board; being Canadian he is very familiar with indoor eventing. Plus, like Auburn he is very driven to share the sport of eventing with other riders of different disciplines. “It was very exciting for us to plan and organize this event,” James remarked. “I think we made a really great team. We are currently looking at venues and dates for 2015 and we are very excited about our prospective venues. We will be announcing our show dates soon.” Moving into the future, Auburn is looking at the possible addition of schooling rounds the day before the event to offer schooling opportunities for trainers and riders who have never jumped the natural obstacles. “This would be an opportunity to introduce riders and horses new to cross county in a comfortable environment to try something new. Otherwise, I think we would keep everything the way we ran this first event. We really enjoyed watching the Introductory and Beginner Novice levels just as much as the upper levels.” LEGISequine is an enthusiastic sponsor of PIE. “At LEGISequine, we continually strive to find new and creative ways to serve our customers and our horse community,” says LEGIS head Marnye Langer. “PIE fits right in with that philosophy, and we are proud to sponsor these events.” To see more on this fantastic new event series check out their Facebook page.
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