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June 6, 2009


Drew Quagliano and Gershwin
Brian Ryder

A Family Affair at the Colorado Circuit Preview
By Weatherly Stroh
The Quagliano family of Edwards, Colorado has a long history with horses that began over three decades ago with mother, Jeanne, who at one point worked with the United States Three-Day Event Team. Today, Mrs. Quagliano has instilled her love of horses and passion for the sport to her four daughters, three of which competed at the Colorado Circuit Preview last weekend at the Colorado Horse Park. But, the Circuit opener was about more than just showing to the Quaglianos, it was about supporting each other and strengthening the family bonds.
            Jeanne Kane Quagliano grew up riding horses and competed successfully for Potomac Horse Center. This experience led her to work with the US Equestrian Three-Day Event Team from 1978-1986 as stable manager and assistant to the coach. During her stint with the US team, she traveled the world and was exposed to World Class horses and teamwork. With a lifetime of experience and knowledge, she now strives to pass down a love for horses and showmanship to her 6 children, four of whom ride and successfully show in the dressage and the hunter/jumper arenas.  She stresses that she wants her children to come away as better people, than just competitors, “It’s more to develop a well-rounded, disciplined horse person on the ground, in the stable, and while on the horse’s back. Those skills will influence all aspects of life. In other sports, when you put the ball away or the clubs away, that’s it. With this, you’re responsible for a living being.” 
Mrs. Quagliano was satisfied with her career with horses when she began to have children and didn’t intend to have her kids follow her path. She explains, “I was teaching a few kids at private barns, and my kids were around it and they fell in love with it. I exposed them to golf, tennis, and skiing; the girls tried everything, but the horses became the most important. In the beginning, I was lucky because I could help them and help keep the expenses down.” While the Quagliano girls have learned a solid foundation from their mom, she has since passed on the training to Mickie Sage. Mrs. Quagliano now prefers to watch and not coach, “Now I just want to be a mom. Mickie is great, she gets the family and is great with all of the kids, which is not an easy thing to do.”
While having her kids get involved in horses wasn’t Quagliano’s original plan, she is now glad for the lessons that her kids are learning from the horses and from working together, “It’s about sportsmanship and teamwork. They are learning things with our family that they will carry them through life. Supporting each other comes first.” Mrs. Quagliano wants her daughters to learn more than just how to win, “I didn’t teach my kids to want to show but to be horsemen all the way around.” And, this philosophy is proving successful as the family develops and brings along young hunter/jumper/dressage prospects and passes each horse down to the next youngest sibling. This has instilled teamwork and camaraderie in the Quagliano girls, Keavy, Reilly, Keily, and Drew. The two Quagliano sons, Keefer and Keegan, also love the horses, but leave the showing to their sisters.  However, they can be seen ringside and back at the stables giving their moral support, along with their father, Mike, who enjoys riding for fun.
            The Colorado Circuit Preview was a good warm up for the next three weeks of showing at the Colorado Horse Park for the Quaglianos. Three of the four daughters competed and were adjusting to their new mounts for the season. Keily, the other daughter with a love for horses, shows dressage and is waiting for her two mounts to arrive in Colorado from Florida, where the family also has a home.   She was in Parker over the weekend giving her support to her sisters and was in charge of getting Keavy and Reilly to the ring.
Last weekend was a huge success for youngest daughter, Keavy. She and her pony, Just a Touch of Grey, won a short stirrup class, were second in another class and placed in all of their short stirrup hunter and equitation classes. This was noteworthy as she had not ridden since February, because Roo (Just a Touch of Grey) was in Florida. Keavy, 10, especially likes watching her sisters in the show ring as she hopes to inherit their horses as they are outgrown. She commented, “I think it’s cool because I can see what I will get to do when I am older, so I like to watch their horses.” 
            Reilly Quagliano, 11, showed Fleetwood B last weekend, a horse that has been with the family since he was imported as a 2 year-old from Germany. The Quaglianos lived in Germany in 2003 -2004, went to German school and rode for a year before bringing the four German ponies back to the U.S. Reilly recently took over the reins of Fleetwood B from older sister, Keily, and is just getting to know him in the Children’s Pony Hunter division, the Schooling Pony Hunter division and the equitation 11 and under. She earned ribbons in almost every class, including a 2nd place in a Schooling Pony Hunter over fences and a 3rd in the Children’s Pony Hunter over fences. The next three weeks should prove exciting as this pair gets to know one another better and better.
            Drew, 17, is the oldest of the six Quagliano children. She showed L Tango Z, a show jumper, in the equitation classes to gain valuable experience and mileage. She finished 3rd overall in the Washington International Equitation division. Her pony jumper, Gershwin, has been in the family for years and Drew rode him as a 3 year-old stallion when she was 12. The pair’s five years of experience together paid off as they finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th in their jumper classes. Drew’s other mount at the Preview, Pete, competed in the Modified Junior Hunters. Pete is the latest addition to the family to make the total count up to 10 horses.
            Be on the lookout for this family, who are riding for more than just a chance at a blue ribbon, but to strengthen their family ties.
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